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Code of Conduct

NMWIF Code of Conduct As members of NMWIF, we acknowledge We are an active part of the movement for gender parity and overall equality, inclusion, and diversity within film and media. This includes speaking out against racism, homophobia, transphobia, ageism, and other structural oppression experienced by people of intersectional identities in our community. We are aware that NMWIF is a resource for our individual career development, and as members, we contribute our stories, time, and support to others in the community. As one grows, we all grow. We are a collective of unique individuals who honor our differences and elevate our shared core values and goals. We are allies to each other in all environments and have a responsibility to speak up to help create safe spaces for everyone. We treat NMWIF, staff, interns, volunteers (including board members, panelists, mentors, advisors, etc.), and fellow members with respect and courtesy. Not respecting another's boundaries, using abusive or harmful language (including on attire), gaslighting, bullying, gossip, sharing mis/dis-information is not tolerated. If experienced or witnessed, we report this type of behavior to NMWIF staff immediately to be addressed accordingly. As members, we support NMWIF as an advocacy organization and recognize that our dues contribute to that support. I understand that in response to any violations of this code of conduct, NMWIF may: Challenge offensive or disrespectful language used, Ask me to leave the space and/or Revoke or suspend my membership and ability to attend events for some time or permanently.


"The first WIF network (Women in Film LA) was established in Los Angeles in the 70’s as a reaction to male dominance in the film industry. Today, there are around 50 WIFT and WIFT-partner chapters on six continents – all working for the same goal: gender balance in the industry. WIFTI was established as the global network connecting all others to speak with one common voice. The strength of WIFTI is based on the strength coming from every member of every chapter all around the world. Together we make a change!"


What is NMWIF

NMWIF stands for New Mexico Women in Film, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and empowering women in the film, television, and new media industries. We aim to promote professional development, networking opportunities, and educational programs for women in New Mexico's film and media industries.

Does NMWIF offer any grants or financial assistance for projects?

Yes, NMWIF offers financial assistance and grants to members through various programs and initiatives. Details about current grant opportunities and application requirements are available on our website.

How do I become a Member?

Membership is open to individuals of all genders who support our mission. You can apply for membership by visiting our website at and filling out the membership application form. We offer various membership levels to cater to different needs and preferences. *Men can join too!

Are there any events or workshops I can attend?

NMWIF hosts a variety of events and workshops throughout the year, including panel discussions, screenings, networking mixers, and educational programs. Event details are regularly updated on our website's events calendar.

What are the benefits of NMWIF membership?

Members enjoy a range of benefits including access to exclusive networking events, educational workshops, mentoring opportunities, and discounts on services and events. Members also gain a platform to showcase their work, connect with industry professionals, and contribute to a supportive community of filmmakers.

How can businesses or individuals sponsor NMWIF?

We welcome sponsorship from businesses and individuals who wish to support our mission. Sponsorship opportunities include event sponsorship, program funding, and in-kind donations. Please visit our sponsorship page on our website or contact us directly for more information.

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