NMWIF Scholarships


It is our honor to offer scholarships to NMWIF members in good standing. 2018 is the sixth year in the history of our New Mexico chapter that we will award financial grants to further the projects, training or education of our members, and thus their careers. 

The 2018 Scholarship Grant Program for Members will accept applications starting on July 26th, 2018.  There will be a Brown Bag Lunch & Learn on August 3rd where applicants can ask questions about the application process. CLICK HERE for more information.

CLICK HERE for the Terms and Eligibility information for the 2018 Scholarship Grant Program for Members.

Educational Scholarship

Film Production Scholarship


We're excited to announce the recipients for the 2017 NMWIF Scholarships, as well as our past recipients:


  • Holly Adams; Pre-production funds for her film The Muse
  • Ann Bromberg for production funds for The First Time
  • Melissa Ash Brownwell for production fund for feature film Boots of My Brother
  • Doranne Candelaria and Rosalie Carle for post production funds for web series Cafe Destiny
  • Cassandra Fetters for education/training with Lora Cunningham
  • Ramona King; production funds for her film Coffee Break
  • Laura Marsh: Post production funds for Amazon project
  • Mariel McEwan: Education/training funds
  • Jody McNicholas: pre-production funds for Heart of Addiction
  • Sarah Minnich for education/training with Bob Jessers Studio
  • Lea Morales: WINNER of NMPA grant: Post-production funds for
  • Erica Nguyen for production funds for her documentary Identities of the Peruvian Hat
  • Catharine Pilafas for post production
  • Robyn Reede for education/training
  • Jim Sea: Production funds for Betrayal of Innocence
  • Diane Villegas: Education/training funds for Sol Acting Academy


  • Catherine Fridey for finishing funds for her short film "Seagull"
  • Ilana Lapid for post-production funds for her film "Yochi"
  • Jasmine Bounds for education funds at Santa Fe Community College
  • Jody McNicholas for distribution funds for her film "Longshotsville"
  • Randi Klein for production and post-production funds for her film "Special K" (working title)


  • Barbara Bentree – finishing funds for documentary The Choice
  • Anna Darrah-finishing funds for documentary “The Helen Movie”
  • Melissa Edmon
  • Jacqueline Loring: Education/training to attend the two day, 2015 Tony Hillerman Literary Landscape Series conference
  • Catharine Pilafas


  • Ann Bromberg: Finishing funds for the documentary The Kamba Women’s Project
  • Mary Darling: Production funds for At First a Prince
  • Susan Slotter


  • Jilanne Begay
  • Laura Marsh
  • Eden Radfarr
  • Joan Siebens


  • scholarship to participate in the Santa Fe Screenwriting Conference, 2011
  • joint-scholarship to attend the Hollywood Reporter & Billboard Film & TV Music Conference
  • scholarship to obtain a professional membership in the Online Writers’ Bootcamp Program
  • scholarship to obtain an Associates Degree in Film Production at Santa Fe Community College
  • scholarship to complete her training in Film Tech III at Santa Fe Community College
  • scholarship toward her completion of Larry Moss’s Los Angeles 4-day Intensive “Scene Study” Master Class