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May 2018

Dear Members, Friends & Supporters,

It’s May! Get ready to cavort and frolic and gambol. Enjoy this beautiful weather because if there’s one thing I know about spring in New Mexico is that it’s totally unpredictable.

We had beautiful weather for our April event, Taos Film Day. A full house of Taosenos turned out to find out who was doing what in their community. The NM Film Foundation and the UNM/Taos Digital Media Arts program collaborated with us to create an informative and entertaining day that was filled with rich networking opportunities for all attending.  Canon presented student winners with sponsorship packages, there were raffle prizes, great food from the Farmhouse Café and the day was capped off by a program of Native American women filmmakers as well as some up and comers. NMWIF is committed to supporting women working in film in all communities in our state and last Saturday’s event was a great example of the importance of that commitment. Huge thanks to Jody McNicholas and Lisanne Cole for all they did in bringing the community together for this event.

Our May event, The Power of Story is happening on Sunday, May 20 in collaboration with the Continuing Ed Department of UNM in Albuquerque. The Power of Story will be a series of four events over the next year exploring all aspects of our work in film as storytellers. This first afternoon will be dedicated to the idea of how storytelling connects us from ideas to personal and global connection.  Please see the NMWIF events announcements for more details.

NMWIF is still looking to support women working in the film industry who may have felt like they weren’t given a fair shake because of a history of inequitable leadership in our state’s film business. Please contact us if you feel that you have been a victim of unfair hiring and inequitable employment practices. We want to be a force in turning this tide.

Keep Making Media,

Christine McHugh,
NMWIF President