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June 2018

Dear Members, Friends & Supporters,

Can you feel the change happening? Is it subtle or overt in your life and career? Thanks to really bad behavior by some prominent men in our industry, movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp seem to be propelling the gender power balance into a new era. “Right now, we’re in a really special moment,” says Jane Campion, the only female director to win the Palm d’Or at Cannes for her direction of The Piano.  “It’s like the Berlin Wall coming down, like the end of apartheid,” she observes. “I think we have lived in one of the more ferocious patriarchal periods of our time, the ’80s, ’90s, and noughties. Capitalism is such a macho force. I felt run over.” I join Campion in her belief that it is a really special moment and as long as I am president of NMWIF I’ll be doing everything I can to expand our organization to be the kind of resource that can help those who’s career are in jeopardy of feeling like road kill.

Actor members, get set for Monologue Mania happening on June 24th in Albuquerque at Sol Acting Academy.  All participants will get the chance to present a prepared monologue for Casting Director, Elizabeth Gabel and Sol coach, Chris Ranney then given some direction and filmed.  Elizabeth will then provide each actor with some brief feedback. This is a great collaboration with Sol as all funds raised will be donated to NMWIF as a scholarship in Sol’s name. Sign-up today for a very limited amount of slots available and seize this incredible opportunity to practice, be seen, and get feedback from one of New Mexico’s professional casting directors. You can read more about it in the events section below.

NMWIF is excited to support all of our members in their work in the New Mexico filmmaking community. I hope you’ll make the most of this beautiful weather in our spectacular state and

Keep Making Media,

Christine McHugh,
NMWIF President