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NMWIF Letter

NMWIF's letter of solidarity gathered 162 signatures from our female members and male allies, and was featured in the Santa Fe New Mexican. Read the letter below:

March 18, 2018

We, the women of the New Mexico film industry, stand in full support of our sisters and brothers who work in this business in their efforts to stand up to sexual harassment, discrimination, disrespect, and abuse of power. Predatory and bullying behavior has gone on far too long in all industries, not just film and not just in our state. We absolutely stand united in our condemnation of that deplorable behavior within our own film community.

As women, we know the history of this shameful imbalance of power. Many of us have experienced the abuse of power to the detriment of our lives and livelihoods and have paid the price for being whistleblowers in the past. Because of the huge price paid by so many of us, we know that claims against those who abuse their power are not made lightly. There is enormous risk and vulnerability on the part of those who are courageous enough to step forward and speak truth to power. We commend their bravery and forthrightness and stand in support of them in the historic groundswell of 480TimeForChange, #TimesUp and #MeToo.

If you use social media we hope you will connect to these movements through one of your platforms but know that we are much more than a hashtag. Standing in solidarity for gender justice we say Silence No More.


Christine McHugh
New Mexico Women In Film

Linda McDill
Anne Stirling
JoAnne Tucker
Joan Golden
Lisanne Cole
Alaina Warren Zachary
Leslie Fleming Mitchell
Barbara Kerford
Deborah Wakshull
Lisa Lucas
Trish Lopez
Monique Anair
Amy Lanasa
Lara Dale
Melissa Chambers
Mamie Mitchell
Debrianna Mansini
Rebecca Puck Stair
Krista Gano
Holly Adams
Elizabeth Waites
Danette Sills
Ramona King
Geri Lynn Matthews
Lisa N. Lucas
Amy Green
Laurel Schaffer
Mirabella Starr Angel
Pamalita-Paloma Alioto
Teresa Jones
Janet Davidson
Maria Rinaldi
Karen Koch
Faith Hibbs-Clark, CSA
Kelley Yaccino
Barbara Odell
Jennie Crystle
Debra Olson-Tolar
Lynette Kessler
Catherine Y Fridey
Carly Reese
Mariel McEwan
Arianna Borgeson
Corinne Rodriguez Montoya
Crestina Elizabeth Quintana
Sara Sanchis
Cherlyn Schaefer
Sarah Jones
Lane Luper
Marie McMaster
Janet Sanchez
Carly Granger
Cecilia Martinez
Debbie Doggett
Norina Michele Morales
Jilli Oyenque
Ashley Moore
Amy Emily Stack
Mary Louise Gordon-Toledo
Ashley Michelle Marsh

Patricia Callen
Lava Buckley-Sheets
Addison Fulton
Lora Cunningham
Anastasiou Rosas Christina
Mallory Hemerlein
Hailey Josselyn Roy
Jennifer McDaniel Pfeiffer
Sheila Trujillo Gomez
Barbara Simmons
Daniela Moore Stevens
Amy BrennerJoseph
Claudia Breckenridge-Huchting
Veronica Perez-Torres
Kim Trujillo
Kathleen Edwards
Aura J Sperling
Laura Slowinski
Niki Spiridakos
Yvette Meely-Barney
Becky Smith
Mary Ellen
Mariquita Baca
Cathy Riley
Wynema Chavez Quintana
Katherine Guidry
Nicolina Nicthe
Katy Wellman
Lorrie Latham
Catherine Lawrence
Dani Gustafson
Betty J Weaver
Charee Savedra
Addison Foskey
Marcia Woske
Marcela Salmon
Ester Kim
Sandi Kay
Em Perry
Ashley Daniels
Ariel Lopez
Cathy Kanavy
Chase Heard
Michelle Schwarzer
Tina Kerr
Mary Holyoke
Charlotte Casey
Jackie Pavlik
Beverly Kizer
Julia Harris
Sarah Mummey
Karla Muenze
Carissa Mitchell
Avu Dahl
Nevada Jane Harmon
Shoshana Dubman
Rose Marie Demorcy-Henry
Bridget Kelly
Laura K. Marsh
Liliana Gonzales

Geordie Sheffer
Kathryn Mitchell Hanson
Ramona Emerson
Andrea B Good
Candy Smith
Autumn Gieb
Tabbi Orr
Rosanna Dill
Phyllis Detrich
Lore Bamberg
Hillary Baca
Guy-Wendy Barnes
Jenny Josephson
Guia de Guia
Harriet Engle
Kimber Lee
Angelique Felice
Emily Thomas
Jenny Wessels
Marika Day
Xaime Verde
Louise Stange-Wahl
Susan Valencia Salter
Amber Earls
Angela M. DeNike
Cynthia Sinclair
Joan Siebens
Leigh Maney
Ashley Moore
Michelle Thurik
Bobbie Shelton
Kendra Tuthill
Elizabeth Gabel
Barbara Bentree
Ashlynne Padilla
Alanna Nevada Levy
Christina Harrison
Jilann Spitzmiller
Monica Di Bisceglie
Harriet Katz-Stevens
Lea Morales

Male Film Allies who have signed:
Dirk Norris
Nick Maniatis
Tim Nenninger
Mark Shipman
Ed Joseph
Stu Goswick
Diego Romero
Chris Wright
Micael Miller
Jim Greene
Dennis Riewerts
Scott Plunket
Stephen Burhoe
Daniel Zabiate
Christian Dalton
Marbin Gouch
Nicholas D Ward

Members Doing Great Things

An article was recently published on NMWIF member Barbara Bentree's documentary-in-progress:

NMWIF member Jim Sea won Best Actor in his category at the NM Film Foundation Actors Showcase last weekend. Congratulations Jim!

NMWIF member Holly Adams' film Nymphomania screened at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC as a part of the Transgressive Shorts Program.

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