2019 Scholarship Grant Program Terms of Eligibility


New Mexico Women In Film Scholarship Grant Program for Members 2019 Program Description and Terms of Agreement

* This document includes the terms of eligibility and process for submitting an application. Please read carefully.

NMWIF will provide a scholarship grant to members to support their professional and career development for the purpose of positively impacting their skills in front of and behind the camera. NMWIF’s goal is to encourage diversity and promote opportunities for members.

Funds available in 2019:
Scholarship and Grant Program Fund for 2019 is projected to be $6500.
Applicants may apply for funding in varied amounts, from $200 to $1500.
Checks will be issued and awarded in December at the NMWIF Holiday event.

Who May Apply

  • For production grants, LLC, incorporated New Mexico film and video production companies, or a non-profit 501 (c) (3) may apply. Individuals or non-registered businesses are not eligible. 

  • For Education scholarships, individuals may apply, yet scholarship checks will be issued to the educational facility listed on application. 

  • You are a member in good standing of NMWIF plus, applicants are required to maintain this membership for at least 1 year following the receipt of the grant so we can continue the scholarship program.

  • You are over 18. 

  • You are a resident of New Mexico. Proof will be required upon receipt.

  • You have a key role in the project being applied for.

  • Consideration goes to applicants who have demonstrated active engagement in NMWIF activities, and also to those who have not yet received a NMWIF scholarship grant.

    • Previous grant recipients may only apply for new projects and must have fulfilled their obligation of submitting a report, providing a sample of their finished product (if applicable), shared lessons learned at a NMWIF event, and maintaining their membership.

Categories eligible for Scholarship Grant  Program for Members awards include: Applicants apply in one category only.

  • Education/Training: to further one’s professional development in film/media.

  • Research and Development

    • Pre-Production

    • Production

    • Post-Production

    • Marketing and/or Distribution

    • Other: (it must fit NMWIF mission)

Not Eligible
Projects fully funded and/or have distribution
Projects that do not fit NMWIF mission.

Application Procedures
September 1, 2019 Applications available online www.nmwif.com
Deadline: 11:59 pm Tuesday, October 15, 2019. Earlier submissions appreciated.
Complete and accurate documentation is required on all applications. If the application is not complete when it is received, it will not be reviewed.
Applications received by NMWIF will not be returned.
Scholarship Grant 2019 recipients will receive their checks at December NMWIF Holiday event.

Evaluation Process
Scholarship Grant Program Committee analyzes business and creative aspects of the applications according to the NMWIF’s mission.
The Committee makes decisions on the applications and submits their recommendations to NMWIF Board of Directors.

Evaluation of an application includes consideration of the following:

  • Track record of the production company

  • For an individual, the clear articulation of how the scholarship helps achieves your goal.

  • Experience of applicant and key personnel (if applicable)

  • Feasibility of budget

  • Passion for the project with a unique angle

  • Does the project promote inclusivity, diversity and job creation.

Financing and Funds
Scholarship Grant Recipients will be announced and receive their award funds at a NMWIF Holiday Event in December 2019.

NMWIF expects funds to be spent within 12 months of receipt. If recipient is unable to spend the money to fulfill grant obligations, recipient must notify NMWIF in writing prior to 6 month mark.

In the event of failure to meet NMWIF grant requirements, NMWIF reserves the right to nullify the award, or request funds be returned.

Agreements and Terms

  • Recipients agree to sign a customized agreement with NMWIF.

  • Money granted will be dispersed by the end of December 2019 and funds must be spent directly in ways as outlined in application.

  • All grant funds are to be used solely for the purpose of supporting the project. Spending must be consistent with the budget submitted to NMWIF.

  • NMWIF will receive credit in productions, and on marketing materials, including logo provided.

  • Upon completion a copy of project or relevant materials will be provided to NMWIF (if applicable)

  • Scholarship grant recipients agree to share Lessons Learned at a NMWIF Brown Bag Lunch and Learn session coordinated with BBL& L producer or other relevant NMWIF event.

    ∙ Submit the required reports.

  • And other terms that may apply.

Additional Questions?
Go to http://www.nmwif.com/scholarships
Contact Board members:
JoAnne Tucker jotuc122@gmail.com
Joan Golden joan.golden11@gmail.com
Lydia Clark Clark4999@msn.com