President's Letter

November 2017

Dear Members, Friends & Supporters,

There is a Chinese curse which says, “May you live in interesting times.” Which is a very polite way to depict the political and social turmoil we are currently embroiled in. So often these days I find myself wishing that this wasn’t true but the revelations of sexual harassment and assault in the American film industry and the subsequent #Me Too campaign feels like a slow unraveling of a complicated tangle of disrespectful behavior that most every woman in the world let alone a member of Women In Film knows all too well.  It does feel like a singular moment in feminist history though, as a tide seems to be turning. We at NMWIF have as our unofficial slogan, “A rising tide lifts all boats”, and in that spirit of tide turning we want to bring a deeper conversation of support around gender and sexual harassment issues to our community. This spring, former NMWIF President Linda McDill and I met Helene Granqvist, President of WIFT Sweden, at the WIFTI Executives Conference in London. As she’s in NM to shoot a new documentary next week, we’ve invited her to speak about how that country is moving towards 50/50 by 20/20 and how they have succeeded (and struggled) with all of these issues in Sweden. She’ll be speaking with Linda at Lightningwood Studios in Santa Fe on Friday, November 10th at 6:30pm. Please join us in this conversation and bring friends that you think might be interested in sharing experiences and ideas about what we can learn from Sweden
on how to move forward in this tumultuous time. For more details, go to the 'NMWIF Events' section.

November 19th is the date for our most anticipated event of the year – Mentor Mania. This year our “speed dating for mentors” session is devoted to our actor members giving each participant approx. 5 minutes of face time with 6 of the top casting directors and talent agents in Northern New Mexico. We are thrilled to have Faith Hibbs-Clark, Kathryn Brinks, Jo Edna Boldin, Tina Presley, Carissa Mitchell and Lynette O’Connor generously contributing their time as mentors this year.  As of this writing, I’m afraid that all the slots have been filled. Please know that our intention is to greatly increase events, trainings and other similar opportunities for our actor members next year as the demand and turnout has been so wonderful for all actor centered offerings this year.

As interesting as these times may be, they call for a solidarity that women’s groups
like NMWIF offer. We are dedicated to raising the profile of women working in all
aspects of the film and media industry through mentorship, education, scholarships
and networking. Now is a time for us all to come together and support each other in
the pursuit of doing what we love to do…

Keep Making Media,

Christine McHugh,
NMWIF President