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Our History

Women in Film was born in 1973 in the Los Angeles office of Tichi Wilkerson-Kassels, publisher of the Hollywood Reporter. She gathered a group of women for lunch, mainly producers and writers, to discuss the state of women in The Business. The results of that lunch were big plans to work together as Women in Film to increase awareness of the contributions of women in the industry.

Word spread rapidly. Atlanta formed a chapter, then New York. Women formed their own versions of Women in Film in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, South Africa, Jamaica, Canada and throughout the United States. As the chapters grew worldwide, so did the need for a global umbrella organization. 

An international group was formed to oversee efforts, help advise the local chapters and encourage growth and professional development opportunities. The first Women in Film and Television International World Summit was held in 1997 and continues to be held every two years. WIFTI continues to be a strong voice for women in the Industry.

New Mexico Women in Film was formed in 2005 and NM representatives attended a WIFTI World Summit. To form a chapter, Janet Davidson, Deborah Johnson, Karen Koch and Kaaren Ochoa invited every woman listed in the New Mexico Film Directory to the initial meetings. NMWIF quickly became the fastest growing chapter to date and received significant attention from the international membership.

By creating a professional alliance with the international force that is Women in Film, NMWIF members make a statement of professionalism and intent as filmmakers and film workers.

I have been a member of New Mexico Women in Film since it began. It has been a great way to get to know the women “movers & shakers” of the New Mexico Film Industry. Many of the women that I work with on films are now my friends. So glad that NMWIF is a part of my life. The more you give to NMWIF (time, energy, attendance) the more NMWIF gives back to you. Hope to see you at events.

— Jo Edna Boldin, CSA, Casting Director & 2013 Sage Award Honoree

Today there are more than 40 Women in Film chapters worldwide
with a growing membership of over 10,000 men and women

Reasons to join NMWIF

  • Make a Difference
  • Career Enhancement
  • Mentoring and Skill Development
  • Stay Informed
  • Professional Networking
  • Stay Competitive
  • Boost your visibility
  • Have more fun!