We're excited to announce the recipients for the 2017 NMWIF Scholarships, as well as our past recipients:


  • Holly Adams; Pre-production funds for her film The Muse
  • Ann Bromberg for production funds for The First Time
  • Melissa Ash Brownwell for production fund for feature film Boots of My Brother
  • Doranne Candelaria and Rosalie Carle for post production funds for web series Cafe Destiny
  • Cassandra Fetters for education/training with Lora Cunningham
  • Ramona King; production funds for her film Coffee Break
  • Laura Marsh: Post production funds for Amazon project
  • Mariel McEwan: Education/training funds
  • Jody McNicholas: pre-production funds for Heart of Addiction
  • Sarah Minnich for education/training with Bob Jessers Studio
  • Lea Morales: WINNER of NMPA grant: Post-production funds for
  • Erica Nguyen for production funds for her documentary Identities of the Peruvian Hat
  • Catharine Pilafas for post production
  • Robyn Reede for education/training
  • Jim Sea: Production funds for Betrayal of Innocence
  • Diane Villegas: Education/training funds for Sol Acting Academy


  • Catherine Fridey for finishing funds for her short film "Seagull"
  • Ilana Lapid for post-production funds for her film "Yochi"
  • Jasmine Bounds for education funds at Santa Fe Community College
  • Jody McNicholas for distribution funds for her film "Longshotsville"
  • Randi Klein for production and post-production funds for her film "Special K" (working title)


  • Barbara Bentree – finishing funds for documentary The Choice
  • Anna Darrah-finishing funds for documentary “The Helen Movie”
  • Melissa Edmon
  • Jacqueline Loring: Education/training to attend the two day, 2015 Tony Hillerman Literary Landscape Series conference
  • Catharine Pilafas