NMWIF is now accepting applications for the 2017 scholarships. To learn more, CLICK HERE.

We're excited to announce the recipients for the 2016 NMWIF Scholarships:

  • Catherine Fridey for finishing funds for her short film "Seagull"
  • Ilana Lapid for post-production funds for her film "Yochi"
  • Jasmine Bounds for education funds at Santa Fe Community College
  • Jody McNicholas for distribution funds for her film "Longshotsville"
  • Randi Klien for production and post-production funds for her film "Special K" (working title)

On September 25th, we will be presenting NMWIF Scholarships to the 2016 recipients, honoring all of the NMWIF Members who volunteer and make all of our monthly events a success, and will be granting lifetime memberships to the founding NMWIF Board members Kaaren Ochoa, Karen Koch, Jo Edna Boldin, Janet Davidson and Deborah Johnson.

And we will have a special announcement regarding the 2017 NMWIF Fiesta!

We hope you wlll be able to join us for an enjoyable afternoon of appreciation and congratulations!

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