August 2014 Newsletter

Letter From the President:

Dear Members, Friends and Supporters,

What a busy summer for the Film and TV Industry in New Mexico! Productions of every size and type are shooting all over the state. I hope you are enjoying the plethora of work going on and will share with us what you are doing on our Facebook page. By the way, if you haven't Liked our new New Mexico Women in Film page, please do it today. We share lots of news and info you can use to be informed about all aspects of our industry and learn more about our members, job openings and happenings.

A huge thank you and a big hug to Victoria Bruneni. After almost 4 years of serving on the NMWIF Board of Directors, she is stepping down to allow herself more family time. She has been a loyal and reliable board member, always ready to lend a hand or offer sage advice. In addition to managing Inn at Santa Fe, she is a valuable asset to other local charitable organizations. She will continue to handle craft services for our events, which we greatly appreciate. Thank you, Victoria!

Our August 26 event will offer something of interest and value to all areas of our membership. NMWIF Events co-chair Barbara Bentree has put together a wonderful panel of NM sound professionals to share their tips and expertise on how to plan and execute the best sound for your productions. Hope you can join us in Santa Fe at the beautiful Constellation Audio.

Enjoy our cool monsoon summer - hooray for the rains!

Kindest regards,
Linda McDill

NMWIF President


Sound Practices for Productions
Tuesday, August 26 
Constellation Audio 
215 N Guadalupe St.
Santa Fe 87501

Please join us for a discussion about the fascinating and important field of recording, editing, mixing, and exhibiting film and television sound. Understand the fine balance between aesthetic and technical needs. Learn to avoid the common pitfalls in production before it's too late. A great panel of NM sound experts will present the approaches to sound as both an art and a science. 

Barbara Bentree, Moderator, Voice-over Talent
John Rangel, Film Composer, SFX Editor
Bob Witsenhausen, Sound Recordist
Kabby Kabakoff, Location Recording Engineer
Peter Kershaw, Film Director

NMWIF Members no charge 
$15 Guests - Purchase ticket at
Light refreshments provided 

Members Doing Great Things:

Thank you Victoria Bruneni! You will be missed on the NMWIF Board of Directors. We appreciate all of the time and work you have given to NMWIF. 

Are you a member of NMWIF and doing something fabulous?
Let us know! We'll include it in our next newsletter.

Welcome New & Renewed Members:

We want to welcome our newest members to NMWIF, Nancy Ovis, Lanie Quirk and Ivan Wiener.

New members are the lifeline of our organization bringing fresh energy and ideas. We hope to meet you at our monthly events. Welcome!

We want to welcome our renewed NMWIF members, Jo Edna Boldin and Patricia Dyea. 
We appreciate your continued support of our great organization. We can't survive without you.
Thank you!

Our non-profit organization honors our membership.

We want to continue providing interesting and informative programs
and events for you.


NMWIF member Stu Goswick hosts informative and interesting guests
every Friday at 6:30pm
on KSFR.
Live-stream at or on the radio at 101.1FM in Santa Fe - Taos area. Archives of previous shows at

NMWIF Screenwriters Group in Santa Fe

Get Your Writing Groove On!
A safe and creative forum to polish your work and exchange ideas.

The NMWIF Screenwriters Group is a collection of writers  & actors who meet every other week to read and give feedback on new work. For writers in every stage of development and for actors wanting to sharpen their reading skills. 
You do not have to be an NMWIF member to join.

First meeting Free
$5 NMWIF Members 
$10 Non-member
Actors-Readers No Charge

Santa Fe:
August 6th & 20th  
6pm -8pm
Sage Inn Conference Room
725 Cerrillos Rd.
Santa Fe, NM

more info:


2015 Women in Film & Television International 
Short Film Showcase

The WIFTI SHORT-CASE is a powerful demonstration of our Chapters' members creativity, vision and artistry.  Founded in 2004, the Short-Case presents selected films from WIFTI Chapters around the world; some of the recent Short-Case short films have been nominated for Academy Awards, received distribution deals and garnered recognition internationally. 

To mark the 10th Anniversary of the showcase on March 8, 2015 in celebration of International Women’s Day, WIFTI will exhibit an international online showcase of the selected submissions.   It is anticipated that WIFTI Chapters around the world will also host live screenings of the SHORT-CASE on that day.

Cash prizes of $1000, $500 and $250 will be awarded to the top three films selected by the Jury.  The prize will be awarded to the female director. We encourage members of every Chapter to participate!

Guidelines for Submission:      
•    WIFTI encourages unique points of view and storytelling that focuses on subjects/issues that would concern women.
•    The short must run less than 15 minutes.
•    There is no submission fee for WIFTI members in good standing.
•    The film must have a female director, plus females in two other key positions.
•    The submission must be less than two years old.
•    For pre-consideration/mentoring where Filmmakers will receive feedback on their film, early deadline is July 31st.
•    Final deadline for submissions is September 30.
•    Final version must be subtitled in English (Rough cuts can be in French, Spanish, German or Italian without subtitles).

Interested filmmakers, please contact NMWIF at for more information.

Final deadline - September 30.


Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure
September 21st 
Wilson Stadium
Albuquerque, NM

The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure will be held on September 21st at Wilson Stadium. The event is held to raise funds and awareness for the cause against breast cancer.  As an organization that serves women, this is a cause we can really get behind! 
Every year in New Mexico, 1,360 women are diagnosed with breast cancer and 240 will die.  Let’s help make a difference by forming a team and registering for the Race!  
You can register today at
 For questions contact Shannon at (505) 331-3003 or



Stephen Follows studied the 100 highest grossing films at the US Box Office for each year between 1994 and 2013 (a total of 2,000 films). Additionally, in order to see how a film’s genre affects gender employment, he also looked at the 100 highest grossing films for each genre.

In summary…

•    Women make up only 23% of crew members on the 2,000 highest grossing films of the past 20 years.
•    Only one of the top 100 films in 2013 has a female Composer.
•    In 2013, under 2% of Directors were female.
•    The only departments to have a majority of women are Make-up, Casting and Costume
•    Visual Effects is the largest department on most major movies and yet only has 17.5% women
•    Of all the departments, the Camera and Electrical department is the most male, with only 5% women
•    Musicals and Music-based films have the highest proportion of women in their crews (27%).
•    Sci-Fi and Action films have the smallest proportion of women (20% and 21% respectively).
•    The films with the highest percentage were “Mean Girls” and “The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants” (42%).
•    The most male crews were “On Deadly Ground” and “Robots” (10% female).
•    There has been no improvement in the last 20 years. The percentage of female crew members has decreased between 1994 (22.7%) and 2013 (21.8%).
•    The three most significant creative roles (Writer, Producer and Director) have all seen the percentage of women fall.

The jobs performed by women have become more polarised. In jobs which are traditionally seen as more female (art, costume and make-up) the percentage of women has increased, whereas in the more technical fields (editing and visual effects) the percentage of women has fallen.

For full report go to


2014 George R.R. Martin Screenwriting Award

$5000 will go to aspiring screenwriter
Must be a New Mexico resident

The New Mexico Film Foundation is very proud and happy to be able to offer this grant through the generosity of screenwriter and executive producer of Game of Thrones: George R.R. Martin. This grant is meant to help aspiring screenwriters and should be used in such a way as to allow the screenwriter to write.
The submission process will open on June 14th and run until September 15th. To enter, you must be a New Mexico resident, 18 years old  and NOT a member of the Writer’s Guild of America.

Scripts must be for a feature length film or original Television Pilot, in the Science Fiction or Fantasy genres.  The application process will include a 5 page treatment and a 5 page sample script. Information for submissions are available on the New Mexico Film Foundation website 

Deadline: September 15th 
The award will be announce in November.

The mission of the New Mexico Film Foundation is to help grow the independent film industry in New Mexico while offering financial support and educational opportunities to New Mexico Independent filmmakers. The George RR Martin screenwriting grant is the first grant the New Mexico Film Foundation has offered.

Visit the New Mexico Foundation at




Residents of New Mexico have the opportunity to enter a filmmaking contest in which the winner receives $5,000 to produce a short film about human space exploration. The New Mexico Film Foundation, and space industry experts including astronaut Bruce McCandless II, the first person to walk in space un-tethered to a space vehicle, will evaluate the submissions and choose a winner. Sponsoring the contest is Lockheed Martin. 

So what are we looking for? Send us a one page treatment for an idea that deals with the theme of human deep space exploration. What are the joys? fears? risks and rewards? We have not been in deep space for over 40 years. So what now? You can submit an optional storyboard in any format. That might help the judges understand your concept better. The film must be between 3-5 minutes long. You must be a New Mexico resident to apply. The winning filmmaker will work with Lockheed Martin to complete their film no later than November 15th.

Deadline: July 15th - August 15th  

more information:

Media Contact: Dirk Norris (575) 802-3230


2015 BlueCat Screenplay Competition

Since 1998, the BlueCat Screenplay Competition has provided a community for the unknown screenwriter to develop their work, giving undiscovered talent a path to professional success.

BlueCat accepts both feature length and short screenplays, and in keeping with our longstanding tradition, every screenplay will receive one written analysis, with our best screenplays receiving over $40,000 in cash prizes.

$55 for feature screenplays and
$35 for short screenplays.
Final Deadline - November 15, 2014.

For more info:


Call for Submissions!
First Prize Winner: $5,000 including…
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, 
Hoverfly Lightweight Shoulder Rig
iLED, Zoom ENG LED Light
IKan V5600 Field Monitor Deluxe Kit
Assembly of 25 DVD copies with color print, 
custom printed DVD wrap-around, DVD case,
Script translation into Spanish language for submitted film
Original music score by Jay Musica for one short film 

Literal Magazine is proud to celebrate its 10th anniversary 
by holding its first short film competition Literally Short Film Awards. Literally Short is an event initiated by our drive to bridge all cultures onto one collaborative stage that stimulates international artistic expression. Our mission promotes innovative approaches to social change 
through the arts and cultural influences.

Regular Deadline: August 29, 2014
Late Entry Deadline: September 26, 2014



Call for submissions!

Athena Film Festival is a Celebration of Women and Leadership.  We are a festival of feature films, documentaries, and shorts dedicated to highlighting women’s leadership in real life and the fictional world. The 5th Annual Athena Film Festival, which includes conversations with producers, directors and talent, as well as Master classes, will take place at Barnard College in New York City from February 5-8, 2015. 

We will be accepting submissions for the festival
from June 1 through September 15.  

We are looking for documentaries, features, and shorts that:
•    Reveal the diverse narratives of women leaders from all walks of life—narratives of ambition, courage, strength and resilience.
•    Showcase women leaders who help us interpret the reality of the modern world—captivating stories of truth, determination, innovation and vision.
•    Highlight the talents of emerging artists — capturing a new generation’s take on what truly makes exemplary women leaders.
▪    All films must feature a female in a leadership position at the center of the story.
▪    Films that are directed by women, but do not focus on female leadership, will not be considered

Please email us at: 
if you have any questions.


Fall 12 week Meisner Based Acting Classes

September 3 - November 19
6pm -9 pm

Holly Adams presents an introduction to Sanford Meisner's approach to acting in the moment.
Every line, every breath, every response comes from your commitment to the circumstances.
The Meisner technique brings  your acting to life! Class is limited to 12 Actors aged 12- Adult

Call today to reserve your spot!

Nob Hill Studios
4401 Central Suite A
Albuquerque, NM 87108

$350 plus tax

Class is limited to 12 Actors aged 11- Adult

More Info:


Acting Classes with Jessica Osbourne
Ongoing acting classes
Saturday 10am - 4:30pm
Sunday 10am - 12pm

This course of classes is designed for both beginners and advanced students alike, whether you are learning your craft, brushing up your skills or keeping your acting muscles flexed - these classes will help you stay ready for both stage and screen.

Ms. Osbourne is a highly regarded actress, director and teacher working in theatre, television, audio and film in Albuquerque. This Audie nominated actress is originally from England, where her outstanding training includes: Italia Conti Academy of Performing Arts, London; Bridewell Theatre, London and ACTNOW, Los Angeles and extensive dance training.

$10 per individual class
$75 for a Weekend Pass
$250 for an Unlimited Class Monthly Pass
Acting Coach, Jessica Osbourne,  505-604-4522

Film Festivals:

Dark Matters Film Festival
August 28-31, 2014

¡Cine Magnífico!
September 12, 13 and 14
National Hispanic Cultural 
Albuquerque, NM
¡Cine Magnífico! celebrates Spanish and Latin American culture through presentation of some of the best of modern cinema in a weekend-long program, featuring work by first-time filmmakers and established masters alike.

The subject matter runs the gamut from comedies, action, romances and documentary films, to dramatic masterpieces. Some of the riskiest and most innovative films of recent years will be included.


The Native Cinema Showcase
August 18-24, 2014
Santa Fe

There is something for everyone at this year's Native Cinema
Showcase, from children
to adults, dramatic to comedic, intimate to less familiar--all providing
insight into the complexity and nuances of Native
life. Film showings are enhanced by inviting the filmmakers to attend so
they can participate in
post-screening conversations. 
August 18-24, 2014
New Mexico History Museum 

Free Admission


From the Film Office:


The final season of Breaking Bad earned 16 nominations, to include
Best Outstanding Drama Series! Bryan Cranston is up for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, Anna Gunn for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, and Aaron Paul for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. 

AND congratulations to all the New Mexicans nominated for their work on Breaking Bad - Kiira
Arai (Casting Director), nominated for Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series; Darryl L. Frank (Production Mixer), nominated for Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Comedy or Drama Series; Tarra Day (Department Head Makeup Artist) and Corey Welk (Key Makeup Artist), nominated for Outstanding Makeup for a Single Camera Series (Non-Prosthetic)


A SpaceTime Odyssey came in with 12 nominations, to include Outstanding Documentary
or Nonfiction Series and Outstanding Directing for Nonfiction Programming! 
We also want to give a shout-out to Santa Fe resident, George R.R. Martin...
Game of Thrones picked up 19 nominations! 


The NM Filmmakers Showcase is an annual event featuring a vast range of creative local talent from around the state. There is no charge to submit an entry, and the event is open to the public and free to attend. Submissions will be accepted starting this October, with the main screening event in January. 

Look for more information in the coming weeks at 


The next Education Summit will be held on Saturday, October 4, 2014, in Albuquerque.
This event provides NM educators within the film and media industry an opportunity to collaborate in a flexible setting, fostering communication between NM educational institutions and creating avenues to disseminate information to students who are exploring this industry.
An event schedule will be posted in the next several weeks at

“Captain Fantastic” 

New Mexico Film Office announced  that the feature “Captain Fantastic”, produced by Electric City Entertainment and Shiv Hans Pictures, will begin principal photography in New Mexico. Production will take pace in Albuquerque, Las Cruces and Mesilla mid-August through the end of August. The production will employ at least 75 New Mexico crew members, 1 New Mexico actor and approximately 220 local background talent. Directed by Matt Ross  along with Producers Lynette Howell and Jamie Patricof , Shivani Rawat and Nimitt Mankad .

Starring Viggo Mortensen and Frank Langella,
“Captain Fantastic” is about a passionate father who is so devoted to teaching his six children how to live, be free, and survive in the world that he has moved them deep into the forests
of the Pacific Northwest. He spends his days teaching them combat skills, training them like professional athletes, homeschooling them in a rigorous classical education, and introducing them to the beauty of the natural world. However, when he is forced to leave their self-created paradise and confront the real world, he begins a journey that challenges his unorthodox parenting. More info at


New Mexico Film Office announced that the feature “Bare”, will being principal photography in New Mexico. Production will take place in Albuquerque and Moriarty at the end of July through mid-August. The production will employ at least thirty five (35) New Mexico crew members and fifteen (15) resident actors and background talent. “Bare” is produced by Chad Burris and Aleandra Roxo and is directed by Natalia Leite Starring Imogen Poots, Riley Keough, Chris Zylka and Rachel Korine. “Bare” is the story of a young girl living in Nevada who starts a complicated relationship with a female drifter who introduces her to a darker world and forces her to grow.