Julie Tucker Casting Workshop Auditor

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Julie Tucker Casting Workshop Auditor

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For the first time ever in New Mexico, 2 time Emmy winner and 5 time Artios winner Julie Tucker of Tucker/Meyerson Casting, will lead an educational workshop.

The workshop has two parts.
The first part will be spent assisting actors in connecting auditioning as an opportunity to do what they love, ACT!! She’ll trouble shoot what’s in the way and help develop strategies for auditions. This will be done in front of an audience, who in the second part will be able to ask questions about the process.

If you ever get hung up on the question what do they want from me, this is a rare opportunity to get insight not just by participating but by watching. The workshop
is designed as an outstanding learning experience for both the actor in the studio with Julie and those watching. Along with the acting community we highly encourage directors, producers and anyone else who wants insight into the process of auditions.

This is a class for educational purposes only. No employment or employment opportunity is implied or guaranteed

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